HE Lectures
 PPT format

  The Changing Face of HE
  Organisational Metaphors
 Lectures for
 "Customer Service and Quality Systems" module of
 Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management
 PPT format
Lecture 1: Customer Service I
Lecture 2: Customer Service II
Lecture 3: Knowledge and Learning
Lecture 4: Empowering Service Personnel
Lecture 5: Quality Systems
Lecture 6: Service Standards
Lecture 7: Legislation
Lecture 8: Gathering Information about Customers
Lecture 9: Presentations
 Lectures for
 "Operations Management" module of
 level 7 management course  PPT format
Lecture 1: Introduction to Operations Management
Lecture 2: Design in Operations Management
Lecture 3: Materials Management
Lecture 4: Management of Quality
Lecture 5: Supply Chain Management
Lecture 6: Lean Production
Lecture 7: Job Design, Legislation and Strategy
 Lectures for
 "Information Systems" module of
 level 7 management course  PPT format
Lecture 1: IS in a Changing Environment
Lecture 2: Computing Fundamentals
Lecture 3: Information Systems in Organisations
Lecture 4: Knowledge Management
Lecture 5: Database Management Systems I
Lecture 6: Database Management Systems II
Lecture 6: Ethical and Legal Aspects
 Lectures on Javascript
 PPT format
Lecture 1: Introduction to Javascript
Lecture 2: Javascript and the DOM