The Competitive Advantage of British Qualifications on the World Education Market

© Peter Atkinson
September, 2006

Executive Summary

Although the UKs competitive position in the worlds market for international professional education is strong, the market is becoming steadily more competitive.

This paper looks at the UKs current competitive position and how it compares to that of the USA and Australia.

The paper argues that instead of looking at UK education from the point of view of it being a public service it is useful to look at it as an industry in competition with similar industries worldwide. From this perspective it is possible to identify a London education cluster. This cluster is the source of international competitive advantage.

Interviews with people who work in different sectors in the cluster indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the different sectors.

The conclusion drawn is that the UK government would be able to improve the UKs competitive position by acknowledging the existence of the cluster then looking at how each of the different parts might be stimulated to increase export activity.


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